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D.A. Daugherty

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Novelist

Welcome friends to this showcase of my work. I have dreamed of nothing more than sharing it with the world. Thank you.

Friday's Curse
Daughter of Two Worlds
Part I

Hollywood actress Sarah Friday had what she considered a normal life, with fame and fortune and all the pitfalls that came with it. One day, when she least expected it, she was pulled away from all she knew and found herself in a wholly different world. This is a world in flux, a world where magic is dying and the oldest secrets are being forgotten.

Now she must embark on an epic journey in search of answers. Where is she? Why is she here? How can she return? In divorcing herself from all she knows, she uncovers something far darker than anything she could have anticipated. That raises a question far more important than any other: is she strong enough to face what comes?

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The Gunman's Ride

On a lonely road in the kingdom of Sarven, lone outlaw Jack Spade robs an unsuspecting merchant. This is no random crime, however. He was hired to steal a very specific thing: the mysterious Box of Andelaine, which has remained sealed for millennia despite the best efforts of all the world's most powerful sorcerers. It remained sealed, at least, until out of idle curiosity the gunman tried the lid, only for it to swing wide without protest.


Even the simple act of opening a box and removing the seemingly unassuming necklace inside has dire consequences for the solitary roughrider. Between the cult of deadly warriors in the service of angels and the demonic rider who won't stay dead for long, the hounds of heaven and hell are out for blood. The worst part for their increasingly desperate quarry is that no one will even tell him why.


Seemingly the only solution for the man is to trust the word of an enigmatic sorceress known only as Lucy and travel across a wide, trackless frontier to the foreign, unwelcoming land on the other side. Through it all, the lone gunman can never be quite sure whether or not he's on his last ride.

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The Gunman's Ride Reviews

With a shocking anti-hero, Jack Spade, The Gunman’s Ride will take you on a wild journey. Amazingly, this is D. A. Daugherty’s first novel. Professionally written, it gripped me in a way that only experienced writers should be able to manage. D. A. Daugherty had me almost falling off my seat, and my heartbeat accelerated more than a few times. If you like adventure stories set in the times of kings, sorcerers, and law-breaking, then grab your popcorn and a copy of this book.

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